“Hundred years’ work for us”*

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We are arguably in the worst period of economic inequality since La Belle Époque. The share of income, wealth and ownership has barely moved for the bottom 10 to 40 percent, whereas the richest 1 to 5 percent take a disproportionate share. In 2014, in the USA, the bonuses paid in Wall Street exceeded the income earned by those on the minimum wage. Super salaries, neo-liberalism, proprietorial and corporate capitalism and ‘les privileges des princes’ means it could  take 100 to 400 years for most people to earn the amount that the highest earners take in earned and unearned income in one year. Most people are working to make the lives of the CEOs, the shareholders, les bourges more comfortable, while achieving nothing for themselves, and are one payslip away from plunging into the workless underclass.

*from:  Profit: Work (Reflections)



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