“…past dies, future waits.”*

This is about escape. There are people who live their lives based on the negativities of the past, which makes for a miserable present. Those negativities can come in the form of career or financial setbacks, family dysfunction or certain prejudiced, perhaps embittered relatives are actively controlling one’s life, and holding one back by forcing one to conform to their bourgeois sensibilities. Therefore liberation comes in escaping that situation. It’s simply a matter of booking the plane or train ticket and going, fleeing the restrictive, suburban provincialism associated with the setbacks of the past and moving towards a better, even uncertain future, but nevertheless one in which one has control of one’s own life decisions. The new life that awaits is signified by the broad vista one has from the window of the train as it passes through open country, or over the land below as it passes beneath the little round window of the plane in the course of one’s journey to a new life.

*Extract from Windows, Train. (Reflections)


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