‘Reflections’ by RC Clermont *

Reflections 1 create space image


 Windows : Nighthawks, Train

 Geopolitics : Propaganda, PRNK, Democracy, Liberty

 Profit: AGM, Work, 99 : 1, Pariah

 Moonscape: Subtopia, Nouves I, Weybridge I, Nouves II, Friends, lovers and other relationships

Purity: Credibility, Tu

 Society: Manners, Opera, Tattle, Welcome, Clubland, Chelsea

Wasteland: City I, City II, Vocation, Schadenfreude, 2008

Blood: West, Sunday, Matriarch, Righteousness, Correspondence, Advice I

Economics: England (2013)

Proverbs: Serenity I

Images: Façades, Perception, Victoriana, Retirement

Home and Abroad: August, Patrimonie, Expat

The Sporting Life: International, Idiots I, Idiots II, Wimbledon I, Club I

Epilogues: Nuages, Stateswoman

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