Reflections on haiku

Reflections 1 create space image Reflections 2 create space image

One writes to escape. If escape cannot be executed physically, as poetry does not sell as well as the latest police/ secrets of La Jaconde/ forensic-expert-hero / action thriller blockbusters, then the evasion can be made mentally, whether as the writer or the reader.

Everyone should write. Everyone has something to say, which can be drawn from their own experience of life. One does not need to accompany private detectives or the vice-squad, the narcs, on night-time stake-outs to research for a book.

Of course, there are selfish reasons for publishing one’s work. Reflections is a series of haiku verses self-published on Amazon Create Space, and Volumes 1 and 2, with Volume 3 available soon, is a project of several years in the making. The verses are drawn from experiences from the world around oneself; work, family, life, travels, loves and friendships lost or not attained and the toxicity of family life. It is hoped that by addressing readers of this blog in the Third Person, the sense of ‘We’, as in ‘Us’ can be conveyed. Of course, feedback would be welcomed if the First Person is preferred.

Doing things for oneself, regardless of whether they conform to the prejudices of others, not to please others, is the ultimate statement of freedom. Does one really want to be a doctor or a lawyer, or is one pleasing one’s family? Culture: art, literature, music, philosophy is regarded by your writer here as superior than making money. Success, even financial success is not the enemy per se; financial capitalism and consumerism is, however, seen as being on the dark side, and in 2008, the worst crash since 1929 has merely added to the many voices which confirm that the world of money, credit and property are destructive, catastrophic.

One reads to escape. In this series of haiku verses, it is hoped that the voice, the message, by being conveyed in as few words as possible, can give voice to the thoughts and senses of many people who are living lives of quiet desperation, or who want to escape from where they are currently, if not physically due to force of circumstance or unbreakable commitments, then in their minds. Better still if they can have a quiet place to read and reflect, away from the incessant cacophony of daily life, or even within their own household.

RC Clermont is also currently working on a series of open, non-haiku verses, and will be experimental. If they unwittingly conform to a particular style or genre, that would not be the intention. For these future verses, and the current verses as published, RC Clermont would welcome feedback from readers.


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