Meeting people

Reflections 1 create space image  Reflections 2 create space image Reflections 3 cover draft


Thanks to those who have taken the time to ‘meet’ me on this blog across the oceans; I apologize if I have missed out anyone to date.

Salutations to (in no particular order):

EI Wong,  Glitchy Artist, Unbolt (both of you), Elan Mudrow, Nicolemerene, Julius Tyson, M Funk (fabulous photos), Tides and Things, The Random Philosopher, Psuedonymous, Morgan Bradham, Amra Ismail, The Historical Diaries, hosmogonic, samdandonmoore, John White/Double U, Sheila Sea, Shadow of Iris, The Renegade Press, Beejai, Business in Rhyme, Lize Bard.

Tangibility is one of the themes of my verses.

Tangibility is everything. In ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’, the main character, the bonds salesman Sherman McCoy, could not explain what he did for a living to his own 5-year-old daughter.

Let us all do something tangible.




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