“Finesse can never be bought”*- Further Reflections

Reflections 1 create space image

There are those who, once they have made money, believe they have suddenly become respectable. They have bought the houses and the cars, displaying their newly-made wealth, regardless of whether the acquisition was legal or illegal, ethical or unethical.

Despite the signs of outward respectability in Surrey or Essex, or any of the Home Counties where they would be neighbours with footballers or oligarchs, they cannot buy the education or good manners which they did not acquire on their way ‘up’. These are the people who ‘wanted to get on’.

The trouble with wanting to get on is that one can take a person out of the gutter, but one can’t take the gutter out of the person. Money does not buy manners, finesse or respectability; nor can it buy the ability to speak in measured tones. It merely transforms the rude and the crude into rich ones, who shout when they talk, treat shop staff and waiters like dirt, and use their spare time practising their golf swing and complaining about immigrants and welfare claimants.


*From: Society, Manners (REFLECTIONS, Volume 1)


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