Reflections 3

Reflections 3 cover draft

The third Volume of the ‘Reflections’ series is in the ‘proofing’ stage.

This is a personal project, and by self-publishing on Amazon Create Space on Kindle I hope to reach an audience. Yes, admittedly, this blog brings the books to wider attention. It is then left to others to reflect upon their own experiences that the 5-7-5 verses have to say, which reflect my own experiences.

The object of the verses is to say as little as possible, but nevertheless, in these ‘snapshots’ of verses to convey the situation.

The themes in Reflections 3 continue themes explored in Reflections 1 and 2, and new themes: global capitalism, economic, inequality, neo-liberalism, suburban greed, materialism and pretension, the English obsession with home-ownership, the pressure to conform, the importance of culture, literature and art instead of consumerism, commuting to a job one hates for poor pay, the toxicity of family life, love and friendship, the myths of sporting prowess and the golf and tennis ‘culture’ of Middle England.

Reflections 1 create space image Reflections 2 create space image


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