Reflections 1 create space image

Give me your poor; give

me your huddled masses. We’ll

put them in ghettos

From: Reflections: Geopolitics, Liberty

The harsh reality is that we are in another Belle Époque, where the myth that anyone can become rich is sold to the public, especially in the United States. Wealth is still unequally distributed on class and race lines, and the Anglo-Saxon world the Gatsby Curve is more marked, where the top 1 to 5 percent still take most of the income, whereas the bottom deciles remain living desperate lives.

The poor are always the victims.


bourke-white world's highest standard of living

Photo #: 5562885 Date Taken: 02-00-1937 Description: African American flood victims lined up to get food & clothing fr. Red Cross relief station in front of billboard extolling WORLD’S HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING/ THERE’S NO WAY LIKE THE AMERICAN WAY. City: LOUISVILLE State: KY Country: US Photographer: MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE/TimePix


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