RC Clermont is a working professional (a peripatetic and underpaid one) and a commuter who writes from personal experience.

RC Clermont draws these haiku verses not from the Elements, Nature, or the  Seasons inthe ‘traditional’ way, but from modern life, how we are all living a lie

RC Clermont is a pseudonym

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Reflections 4 Impressions BookCoverPreview


Reflections 4

Reflections 4 Impressions BookCoverPreview


 WASTELAND III : Nouves III, Hipster, Nouves IV

BLOOD IV : Communicado, , La tante, Martyr, Shackles II, Revelation, Talk

ECONOMICS IV: Bank, Dignity, Insignificance II, Equity II, Apartheid, Equity III, Access, Avenues, Growth, Takeover

POLITICS: Barricades, 2015

TANGIBILITY III: Monet, Gazetted, Misconceptions

 HOME AND ABROAD III: Piétons, Ambassadors III, Ambassadors IV

 LAW AND JUSTICE: Liberty, Camp


 COMMUTING III: Fenêtre, Fenêtre II, Fenêtre III, Stationary, Stationary II

THE SPORTING LIFE IV: , Excellence, League, Spectators

 HEALTH AND WELL-BEING II: Fitness II, Hypocrisy, Irony


Reflections 4

Reflections 4 Impressions BookCoverPreview

Reflections 4 fires  further acerbic shots in some themes already explored in Reflections 1, 2 and 3, as well as new subjects such as: vulgar displays of ‘new’ wealth (Wasteland III), economic malaise and inequality (Economics IV), the supremacy of the right in UK politics and its harsh socio-economic consequences (Politics) , the poison that exits within families, or various members therein (Blood IV), the importance of culture and the futility of conforming to  other people’s expectations rather than following one’s own path (Tangibility III), the lack of due process in an increasingly insecure world (Law and Justice),  the savagery of English holidaymakers abroad (Home and Abroad III), love, loss and friendship (Friends, Lovers and Other Relationships IV), the  life-and mind destroying daily ritual of commuting to work, especially by train from a far suburb into the Capital (Commuting III), the reality of sport for most people is the mediocrity  of being a pub-going spectator (The Sporting Life IV), the  myths and the fraud of the health and fitness industry (Health and Well-Being II), and the bigotry, fakery  and fraud that is religion (Religion and Spirituality).

Contains very strong language

Reflections 4


Reflections 4 is now available on Amazon and on Kindle. This volume – as well as Reflections 1, 2, and 3- is also available on Kindle Book Match.

There has been much proofing and re-proofing, and the release of ‘4’ was much delayed due to yours truly being laid low for much of January to early February (2016) with a chest infection.

Best wishes and thank you to all the followers of my blog.

Reflections 4 Impressions BookCoverPreview