Holiday season has arrived. Summer resorts await the English invasion. This verse is from ‘Reflections’ (my first volume of verse), first published in 2013 Kindle format, re-published in Amazon Create Space paperback and Kindle format in 2015.



Sun-blessed paseos,

lively cantinas. Sun-burnt

yobbos; England’s shame

By RC Clermont (2013/2015)


England 2013

Reflections 1 create space image

The UK PM resigned in July 2016. Let’s not forget his legacy

(from ‘Reflections’ Volume 1;


Title: England 2013)

Posh boy wants to help

those who want to get on; poor

people stigmatised


By RC Clermont: First published in Amazon Kindle 2013; 
re-published in Amazon paperbacks and Kindle 2015)