Autumn Poem #3- an extract

I am in the process of writing a fifth volume of poetry for self-publication via Amazon Create Space (following my four books of haikuReflections)

In book five, I shall be writing multi-stanza verses, experimenting with sonnets, villanelles, quatrains, quintets, sextets, octets and other forms,as well as acrostic chance and reworkings of works by other poets.

I attach an extract from Stanza 2 of Autumn #3 (Autumn 1 and 2, both single verse poems, have already been published on this blog).

  That Indian summer, the golden

  Time before the quarter’s end, when

  The clocks retreat and stock taken

  Before winter’s introspection.

© RC Clermont 2016

Thanks to my readers and followers.


Posted Notes: Autumn Poem #2



In deep Autumn’s approach,

Tree branches emit moans,

Channelling wind’s sighing notes,

In deeply ominous tones,

Adagios of reproach.

© RC Clermont 2016

Posted Notes – Autumn #1




Leaves of amber, brown, orange, gold, red, yellow fall

Wreaths of Summer’s boughs shed; be mellow and grateful,

And weave threads of advantages achieved, crowned full

Of homage to Amor, having taken hold of

A brief shred of courage, that words be not left till

You’ve allowed comfort-zonal weak-livered unwill

To leave leaden baggage to anchor you, to foul

You with bitter cold regret; Autumn’s colours pall

© RC Clermont 2016