Posted Notes: On Brexit- Ideas #3


ON BREXIT – Ideas # 3


The Brits just want to grab their share,

Europe prefers social welfare;

Brits despise the thinkers,

No wonder they are quitters

© RC Clermont 2016


Posted Notes: On Brexit-Ideas #2


ON BREXIT – Ideas #2


Consulting the rich lists,

Listening to the sophists,

Showing hatred for the experts,

Europe thinks the Brits are perverts

© RC Clermont 2016

Posted Notes: On Brexit- Pariahs #3


ON BREXIT: Pariahs #3


This most idiotic government

Stumbling like a drunken elephant

Towards inglorious and hard-termed Brexit;

This pig-headed brute heading for the exit,

Ignoring the will of Parliament,

With delusions of sovereignty,

Facing impending bankruptcy,

Unaware of Britain’s waning influence,

-A country that is now irrelevant-

While spewing xenophobic effluence.

© RC Clermont 2016