An Interpretation of Bart


A piebald pattern
On a pillow-case, shades of
Rorschach, conjures views, from an angle, ink-blot shapes
Of Bart, Bart Simpson –
The enlarged head, that haircut –
In different poses.
Bart Simpson at attention.
Bart stooping forward,
Hands on hips, making a speech.
Rear profile, standing
Erect with hands behind back.
Stooping at shoulders,
Wearing graduation gown.
There’s Bart, vomiting.
Bart with a duck on his head.
Sitting on a rock.
Carrying two large bundles
On his spiky head.
Surprise – playing a French horn.
Then he’s on all fours.
With three – unidentified –
Playing a game of
Football (the FIFA version).
Bart checking his flies.
Is that a fascist salute?
One says what one sees,
And not what one wants to hear;
That includes Hermann Rorschach.

© Copyright RC Clermont 2017