Posted Notes: Election 08/11/16 #1


ELECTION  08/11/16 #1

It’s all over, folks.

Got Bachelor’s or Master’s?

Forget about it!

Act dumb now; when going out

Pretend to drag your knuckles


© RC Clermont 2016


Posted Notes- Election 2016 revisited

Didn’t this page tell you in previous posts?

You’ve done it now, people of America. He is now your next C-in-C.

You get the leaders you deserve.



Reflections 2: extract

It is polling day in the USA. This haiku is from my verse ‘Red I‘, from the section Atlantic, in Vol 2 of my Reflections series, available at Amazon Books and on Kindle. [Type Poetry/Genre/Haiku/RC Clermont]


Reflections 2 create space image

Socialised healthcare?

        No – God and guns. In droves they

        vote against what is right.

© RC Clermont 2013